Our Leadership

Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

Saint James Church, Greenfield, has been blessed with a strong and active core of leadership, both of clergy and laity. Like all Episcopal Churches, we aspire to engage in mutual ministry, supporting one another in our efforts to further God’s Kingdom.

We are intentional about our desire to be a healthy, mission-focused parish, under the teaching and guidance of our diocese. We draw on the resources of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, seek to support its ministry and mission aims, and serve on its boards, committees and commissions.

Our clergy servanthood is centered in our Rector, who, in collegial cooperation with his professional staff, is the key leader in our spiritual ministry, as well as an active facilitator in parish management. His style is instructive and encouraging, while also deeply committed to the customs and the canons of the Episcopal heritage.

The primary body of lay servanthood is centered in the Wardens and Vestry, a church council of elected leaders that meets monthly, if not more often. While the size of Vestries can vary in the Episcopal Church, we currently have two Wardens and six Vestry members, as well as a Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Vestry Clerk. Meetings of the Vestry, on the third Wednesday of each month, begin with a brief service of Holy Eucharist in All Saints’ Chapel (7 p.m.), then convene for business in the Hood Room across the hall.

The Vestry often appoints committees, commissions and task forces to carry forward its work. The longer standing of these include the Stewardship, Property, Finance, and Welcome Committees. Currently the Vestry has also called for a Bicentennial Commission to plan for the upcoming 200th anniversary of the parish in 2012, a Parish Directory Committee, as well as a Strong House Task Force.

The Rector and his staff are the prime movers of ministries, guilds and programs. The groups assisting the clergy in the administration of public worship include the Altar Guild, the Flower Guild, the Ushers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Acolytes, Readers, Sunday Morning Child Care, and Lay Eucharistic Visitors. The Parish Musicians, members of the church staff with oversight of the Choir, as well as of congregational and instrumental music, are also principal in this regard. The Scribes and Scrubbers Guild, founded in 2009, are parishioners who assist the Rector in the parish office during the business week, tend to the scheduling of building use, and care for the interior rooms and hallways.

Groups assisting and supporting the Rector in his essential role as parish catechist include the Adult Formation Committee, Education for Ministry, the Sunday Church School, with its related programs of Scouting, Vacation Bible School, Annual Christmas Pageant, and Youth Group, and the staff. As religious teacher, the Rector organizes and implements Baptismal preparation, Confirmation preparation, Inquirers’ Classes, and supervises the public communications of the parish, taking a role in the production of the Monthly Parish Newsletter, the Web Site, the Weekly Service Leaflet, and other promotional literature.


Saint James encourages gifted and skilled parishioners to participate in our service and leadership. Inquiries about contributing to the ministries and guilds of the church can be taken to the following leaders. Contact information can be gained by calling the office (click “Contact Us” at the top of this page). People to talk to about getting involved at Saint James:

  • Adult Christian Formation – The Senior Warden
  • Altar Guild – Mary Johnson
  • Archives – Robert Brown
  • Baptism, Confirmation & Reception – The Vicar
  • Barnabas Guild/Parish Life – John Greene
  • Bicentennial Commission – Kevin Hollister
  • Boy Scouts of America – Marie Paquette
  • Bread of Life – Jeanne Canteen, Kathy O’Rourke
  • Choir – Parish Musicians
  • Church School & Youth Group – Marie Paquette
  • Coffeehouse – Fred Momaney
  • Come Grow with Us! Plant Sale – Sarah Hollister
  • Communications: Newsletter – Office Scribes
  • Community Meals – Susan Voss
  • Counters – Marie Paquette
  • Episcopal Church Women, Spring Tag Sale  – Jeanne Canteen
  • Eucharistic Ministers, Acolytes & Readers at the 10 a.m. Sunday Service – Jeanne Canteen
  • Eucharistic Ministers & Readers at the 8 a.m. Sunday Service – Betsy Carlisle
  • Eucharistic Ministers & Readers at the 5:30 p.m. Sunday Service – David Lewis
  • Eucharistic Ministers & Readers at the 7:15 a.m. Wednesday Service – Ricker Smiley
  • Finance Committee – Audley Robinson
  • Flower Guild – Kathy O’Rourke
  • Interfaith Council of Franklin County – Senior Warden, Gerda Bennett
  • Library, Spring Book Sale – Alice Kells
  • Mistletoe Mart & Craft Faire – Carol DeRose, Joan McKelvey, Jeanne Canteen
  • Nominations Committee – Jeanne Canteen
  • Parish Council – Senior Warden, Gerda Bennett, and Vestry
  • Property Committee, Gardens & Grounds – Carol DeRose
  • Quilters – Lucy Melnick
  • Scribes & Scrubbers Guild – Carol DeRose
  • Second Helpings – Maggie Sweeney
  • Stewardship – Dennis O’Rourke
  • Ushers – Gerda Bennett
  • Vacation Bible School – Marie Paquette
  • Website – Wilfried Voss
  • Welcome Committee – Carol Johnson
  • Worship Forum – Parish Musicians

Vestry Officers

  • Gerda Bennett, Senior Warden
  • Carol DeRose, Junior Warden
  • Audley Robinson, Treasurer
  • Karen Greene, Assistant Treasurer
  • Maureen Butynski, Vestry Clerk

Vestry Members

  • Cherry Goodwin 2013
  • Mary Johnson 2013
  • Jeanne Canteen 2014
  • Bob Gilmore 2014
  • Dennis O’Rourke 2015
  • Steve Hussey 2015

Delegates to Diocesan Convention 2011

  • Maggie Sweeney
  • Elise Schlaikjer
  • Audley Robinson
  • Wilfried Voss – Alternate

Serving the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts

  • Bishop Transition Committee, Maggie Sweeney
  • Bement-Waterfield Educational Grants Committee – The Rector
  • Trustees – Tom DeRose


  • American Guild of Organists – Parish Musicians
  • Community of Jesus, Orleans, Massachusetts – The Rector, David Sund
  • Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County – Doris McLeod
  • Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross, Adelynrood – Elise Schlaikjer